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Fair Trade in Music

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I always felt that music and music industry are two different things. And I always felt that there is too much unfairness in the relationship between the artists and people who are in the music business. Being from Senegal, I somehow got used to these unfair relations between so called developed and developing countries. Of course, getting used to it, does not mean that I agree with it. And so far too little has been done to contrast this state of affairs.

In Finland, where I live, fair-trade has been successsful as a niche market. Still, it’s about trade, but ethical values are at the core of scheme. I find very interesting the idea of supporting small farmers in the South to produce organic and healthy goods, and of bringing together producers from the South and consumers from the North to decide together about a fair price.

Fair-Trade usually is associated with coffee, sugar, handycraft from the South. Some people have started to understand that the music industry is in need of it, too. There are too many stories of companies making money on the artists and musicians without redistributing the benefits. No wonder that musicfans turn away from the big record companies and try to find new music in niches as well as on the internet.

These last years, there has been few companies which committed to certain criteria that offer advantages for artists and listeners. Among those criteria, one can find low prices for sound mediums, fair payment of musicians, more artistic freedom.

Still, there is a long road to walk. But the fact that some people are moving in that direction is a good sign.

Personally, I started with Tuneyourworld. Other initiative is the Fair trade Music Network, including NovaTune, Orca Records, Magnatune, 3H Records, Trostlos Records. I also know that in France, there are several initiatives.

If this can help to bring more space for good music and social health of music makers and music fans, I’ll go for it.

Keep me informed about your own experience.ftm-partnerlogo-k