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My name is NDIOBA.

I’m a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Senegal, and I made my name in Europe and Africa as a bass player. It’s why people like to call me NDIOBASS.

However, I’m not limited to one style or genre. I love music and I fuse mbalax, jazz, pop, reggae, rap, hip-hop, salsa. Music is a universal language and speaks directly to the heart. Something quite important.

Last night I was chatting over the Internet with my coach, a good guy from Belgium who gives me some help with those online tools. He told me about blogging.

So I decided to try it out and here I’m.

Don’t know what will be the result but it might be a way to get closer to those who want to know more about me and my music.

It’s always a challenge to write down things for a guy like me. In my country, we have great writers but we are people who prefer to communicate with “spoken words”. You know what I mean. There is this traditional say telling that “The letter kills, the spoken word gives live”.

That must be one reason why I became a musician, and a singer too.

So, forgive me if I don’t update those pages as often as you would like. But I promise you, I’ll try my best.

In the meantime, keep in touch through myspace or my mailing list, and sign up at FANBRIDGE. It will take you a minute.

Feel free to leave your comments.

They might be more interesting for people than my own words.

See you soon !

This the personal blog of Ndioba, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Senegal, Africa. Ndioba has an infectious groove as bass player and write down nice melodies.If you love Youssou N'dour, Richard Bona, Papa Wemba,...Ndioba is for you