Kremlin Tour – March 2009

Time is gone and I almost forgot that some people were waiting for me on my blog. Things are quite fine at the moment, and see me busy in Estonia with new recordings.


I’m also preparing the “Kremlin tour” that will take me, together with Law at keyboards, Jeremie at guitars and Davy at drums, on the road to Russia. We got five dates and it looks good.

We’ll perfom on behalf of Alliance Francaise in the framework of the Semaine de la Francophonie, a yearly event that is held in each French speaking country. You might be surprised to learn that 56 countries are member of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, whose chairman is a Senegalese.




*Perm : *samedi 21
*Kazan :* lundi 23
*Samara : *mercredi 25
*Togliatti :* jeudi 26
*Saratov : *samedi 28


Well, I’m very excited to play with those guys, who are old friends too.

Thanks to Alliance Francaise, and Rosa.


See you.


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