Tallinn – Paris – Klaipeda

Last time, I told you about how I’ll try to keep this blog working.

It’s quite a busy period for me, between some touring in France and some recordings in Estonia with my friend Margus. This guy is really into the bass. Check out some of his world class instruments and gears.He also has a small studio in Tallinn. We are working on some new tracks.

About touring in France, I’m joining again for some dates my friend Diogal from Senegal. He is based in Paris area, where he has a small recording studio too. Diogal released his third album in France this year, in which he explores the musical diversity offered by our native country: Senegal. The album is a tribute to the great Malian musician Ali Farka Touré. Some people see Diogal as the bob Dylan of Senegal. He has collaborated with great artists living in France, like Loy Ehrlich (Hadouk Trio), Daby Touré, Lokua Kanza, Wasis Diop, Louis Winsberg (Mike Stern, Eddie Gomez, Mino Cinélu et Paco Sery).

You can listen to some tracks of his album by visiting the following link at diogal.net . There is also some video.

Together with his band, we’ll perform at the following venues and dates in France:

17 octobre
Mornant (69)
Espace Cuturel Jean Carmet

21 octobre
21h Paris
Satellit Café 6 décembre Vert-le-Petit (91)

In the end of October (30/31), I’m myself performing with a quartet in Lithuania, at Kurpiai Jazz Club in Klaipeda. In a more jazzy and funky mood. Most of the repertoire are my own material. Kurpiai is somehow the most famous jazz club in Lithuania, nicely located in the old town, and Klaipeda is a special place for me.

I performed there two years ago with my Topoto Band at the Jazz Festival . The audience and organizers were really great, and we had exciting jam sessions in the night.

You can watch some video excerpts on myspace.


Hope to see you around, and if you have any suggestion, comment, topics you would like me to develop, feel free to drop me some lines.


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Endorsement of the month: Blade Bass, courtesy of Millbrook Musiiki OY, Helsinki


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