Best Season’s Greetings

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It is time to thank all my friends and followers for their support during this last year.  You’ll find my album Don’t Go on Bandcamp. You can listen to the songs and also buy them. For full digital album download, you’ll get a Bonus track. Do not hesitate to spread the word around you. New material is being recorded. You’ll be surprised. But this is for next year.


In preparation for 2013: a promotional tour in Senegal, some gigs in Europe. This will be an exciting year. Be ready!

In the meantime enjoy a great Christmas/New Year holiday time with friends and family.


Ndioba is back with his debut album

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Time has passed since my last post. Well you know the artists. Those last years I’ve been really busy. In France and on the roads to Asia with my friend Diogal; in Guadeloupe on tour with Kiala Nzavotunga and Chief Udoh Essiaet for their Concert Tribute to Ghetto Blaster; in Senegal with my family and some appearance at the Dakar Jazz Festival; and in Europe with the finishing of my album and some acting in a movie in Estonia.

The new album Don’t Go is almost ready now and will come out soon.  The first press conference for the album release will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. You can listen to  some tracks (shortcuts only) on Soundcloud. You can also use this Webdoc to share the news with your friends and pass the word.

Nowadays, it is also possible for you to follow me on Facebook and Youtube.  Here are some photos too. And soon the new website will be ready. It will be modest to start with.

If you want to help with the promotion and marketing, you are of course welcome. There is so much to do when you are self-produced, that all energies are welcome.

For presenters, venues and festival, I’m available with a new line-up for gigs and concerts. Contact my friend and booking agent Eric ( (at) He will be pleased to talk with you.

Enjoy the music!

Paris – Tallinn – Stockholm

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Spring has been quite busy until now. Much time has been dedicated to my album. Most of the mixing is made in Paris, at Studio Wasia of my friend Diogal. We are also preparing new material for his own album. It’s an interesting venture. While his last album Li La Lan was much more folk, giving large space to his voice and the acoustic guitars, Urban Spirit will be more orchestral.


For me, Paris is always an exciting place. I would not live there but it is an exciting place for musicians with a lot of opportunities for jam sessions – a good way to learn from others. In one of them, I met Manu Guerrero, a very talented French-Peruvian keyboard player and pianist who has performed with French and International artists like Celine Dion, Michel Sardou, Garou, Mireille Mathieu, Isabelle Boulay, Taj Mahal, Jef Sicard, Odysseum Sextet . We had a good time playing together. The feeling was great and I’m sure we’ll join together in some project.

After Paris, I flew to Tallinn, which has become my home for several months. I was part of the 20th JAZZ KAAR, Tallinn International Jazz Festival, that took place from April 18.-26 in Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi, Pärnu, Haapsalu, Saku, Rõuge, Kuressaare, Paide, Elva, Türi and Rapla. Top musicians from 15 countries performed, giving a total of 57 concerts to more than 15 000 music lovers. I had the pleasure to perform with Paquito D’Rivera, the Cuban music and jazz composer, and Will Calhoun, the widely acclaimed, Grammy-winning drummer from the Bronx. Both were among the special favourites of the Jazzkaar audience together with Angie Stone and Al Jarreau.

As you see, life is going on. I’m leaving now for Stockholm to perform with Assane Mboup, the singer of Ochestra Baobab.

Keep the spirit up.

Kremlin Tour – March 2009

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Time is gone and I almost forgot that some people were waiting for me on my blog. Things are quite fine at the moment, and see me busy in Estonia with new recordings.


I’m also preparing the “Kremlin tour” that will take me, together with Law at keyboards, Jeremie at guitars and Davy at drums, on the road to Russia. We got five dates and it looks good.

We’ll perfom on behalf of Alliance Francaise in the framework of the Semaine de la Francophonie, a yearly event that is held in each French speaking country. You might be surprised to learn that 56 countries are member of the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, whose chairman is a Senegalese.




*Perm : *samedi 21
*Kazan :* lundi 23
*Samara : *mercredi 25
*Togliatti :* jeudi 26
*Saratov : *samedi 28


Well, I’m very excited to play with those guys, who are old friends too.

Thanks to Alliance Francaise, and Rosa.


See you.

Happy New (musical) Year

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December is always an amazing time for musicians. A year is gone and it’s time to assess what has been done and to plan what has to come.

Somehow, this year has been full of challenges, the biggest one being the one to produce my debut album. There has been many obstacles, but I believe the main job is done: recording. Now, it’s a matter of cleaning the tracks, mixing and mastering them. I trust that  in 2009 things will go smoother and the album will come out.

In the meantime, you can listen to 9 tracks (live version) on .

There are still some free downloads available and I really hope you’ll enjoy them. If you want to join the fanlist or become a friend, feel free to do it. It’s a way to keep in touch.

Another project is my collaboration with my friend DIOGAL. We’ll be on tour again in 2009 to promote his album LiLanLa, and we are making plans for his new album.


The coming year will be an exciting musical year.

Best Season’s Greetings to all, especially those who supported me in 2008.

Fair Trade in Music

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I always felt that music and music industry are two different things. And I always felt that there is too much unfairness in the relationship between the artists and people who are in the music business. Being from Senegal, I somehow got used to these unfair relations between so called developed and developing countries. Of course, getting used to it, does not mean that I agree with it. And so far too little has been done to contrast this state of affairs.

In Finland, where I live, fair-trade has been successsful as a niche market. Still, it’s about trade, but ethical values are at the core of scheme. I find very interesting the idea of supporting small farmers in the South to produce organic and healthy goods, and of bringing together producers from the South and consumers from the North to decide together about a fair price.

Fair-Trade usually is associated with coffee, sugar, handycraft from the South. Some people have started to understand that the music industry is in need of it, too. There are too many stories of companies making money on the artists and musicians without redistributing the benefits. No wonder that musicfans turn away from the big record companies and try to find new music in niches as well as on the internet.

These last years, there has been few companies which committed to certain criteria that offer advantages for artists and listeners. Among those criteria, one can find low prices for sound mediums, fair payment of musicians, more artistic freedom.

Still, there is a long road to walk. But the fact that some people are moving in that direction is a good sign.

Personally, I started with Tuneyourworld. Other initiative is the Fair trade Music Network, including NovaTune, Orca Records, Magnatune, 3H Records, Trostlos Records. I also know that in France, there are several initiatives.

If this can help to bring more space for good music and social health of music makers and music fans, I’ll go for it.

Keep me informed about your own experience.ftm-partnerlogo-k

A website can be your album?

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In the end of October I performed with Lawrence Hodge and a young drummer from Finland at Kurpiai Jazz club in Klaipeda, Lithuania. It was the first time I performed in trio with them and it was really exciting. We hit the audience and people were very thankful. I’m sure I’ll spend more time to develop the trio format in the future.

On the way, I had many thoughts about my debut album.


It’s now many years I’m preparing it and I’m sure it will still take some time. Self- producing an album is quite a challenge. The key question here seems to me: Do I need an album? Is there any better way to share my music with people and get a living from it?

Some days ago I picked up this article posted by Greg Sandoval on CNET -NEWS where he refers to a keynote address of Stephan Jenkins, lead singer of the band Third Eye Blind, where he said he was in favor of releasing singles and suggested that this would help avoid “album filler”.

Jenkins words where somehow misunderstood, but in the substance the idea was that an act’s Web site can supply the cohesive artistic package that albums once delivered. It makes sense to me (and of course doesn’t exclude the possibility of releasing an album too).

You can read the Sandovval’s full article here, as well as Jenkins’ answer.